Wednesday, January 29, 2014

29 Jan 2014

Well, it's been long time since I left you......(great song lyrics) a whole lot has happened since I've last posted. 1. I got yet ANOTHER job. This time I'm working at a bar as a day bartender and cocktail server. 2. I've gone full blown natural. No chemicals, no braids, just YouTube and all the natural hair blogs I can stand to watch. 3. I'm really beginning to work my Avon side job as a viable way to make some real money....only after nearly 8 years of selling the stuff, I've finally wished up. 4. I've written a bucket list and plan on accomplishing everything on my list. 5. I'm hoping to find "love" someday soon (but who of us isn't?) 6. I've discovered that my working at a very popular (Jamaican) bar, the fact that I have natural hair and sometimes they think I'm Jamaican too. I've got to work on my Jamaican patois so I can get that little extra something. 7. I've found that I'm not taking any crap at all from anyone. I don't have time to put up with the crap! And lastly, I'm working hard to do all I can to help myself and my kids get and achieve all we can with regards to family time, communication and support.

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