Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I've found the BEST website EVER

In my search for inspiration and information about health and fitness, I've come across a website called  This website is absolutely fabulous! It has great posts that are speaking to the author's experience while at the same time reiterating that every BODY is different. One that works for one may NOT work for everyone.  Her large take home message is: do what feels right for you and your body.  That everything she support just may not work for you., and what you feel that works for you, no one should judge you either
I'm telling you right now..check this out and you will be forever changed! You cannot blame me for the changes you'll make, but you will be so glad that you didn't listen to me.  Ever heard of Pinterest? Well, her site is like Pinterest for fitness and nutrition. 

AND if you think that's inspirational? Wait til you click on this link :
You wanna talk about inspirational!? Every time I'm at the gym and feel like quitting I think of this awesome woman! She is truly an inspiration and I only hope to be one half as sassy and FIT as she is! I love her.

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