Friday, July 13, 2012

Swimming with the sharks

Me and my work out partner had a usual crazy work out tonight at the Platinum Fitness gym. We started with our Body Jam class, where we spent half the time laughing at ourselves (especially silly since we were in the damn front row!). After Jam, she decided that she wanted to work on legs, so I showed her a few of the exercises that Kenny aka Kill Kenny showed me.  Again laughing at how much we were actually sweating. And then it of the WAIT the biggest dude in the gym starts asking all kinds of questions of us; Am I training her, what exercises are we doing next, what body part are we working on next? etc... When we were on our way to work on abs, he was eyeballing us, so I went and introduced myself to him. Biggest guy in the gym ....Named ROMAN! Really? For Real? Turns out my partner knows this guys brother and could not be bothered to give him the time of day. So when he told me to tell her that she should give him her phone number, that created a bit of a ahem...problem.  So when he followed us to the core station I knew he wasn't going to back down, so I went and told him that she was scared  and a bit weirded out since she knows his brother never mind that fact that he has her by at least 1 1/2 feet and probably 150lbs! ha ha. So we moved on to the pool where we like to just float around and chit chat. Tonight would be different. There was a larger gentleman getting his fitness in (big ups to the big man!) but as he was backstroking past us, it was literally like we were at Breakers Water Park. We literally were clinging to the edge of the pool and of course wincing and dodging to try to keep our hair from getting wet! No luck. So then we decided to go to the Jacuzzi for a change of pace. Within three minutes of hot bubble heaven, our eyes were burning so bad we had to kill the bubbles and just chill with the jets. We went back inside after laying out (in the dark) and relaxing and "complained" to our new friend Everett inside.  He has been putting up with us for awhile and has just recently began to take a shine to us and our antics. Oh yeah, they're all paying attention to these chicks focusing on their fitness. So, anyway to shut us up (yeah right) ...why did he wink at me when he gave us a handful of entry tickets to our gyms drawing??? We each must have like 50 entries in there in the past week! If we win something (other than a stupid t-shirt or water bottle of course) I guess our antics will have paid off.  Here's hoping! Til next time. Deuces!

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