Thursday, June 14, 2012

Crooked back

The start of my marathon day was at the Aragon Chiropractor.  Where he proceeded to tell me that my spine is crooked as shit!  That I lean forward like some damn cro magnon and that I will be hunched over in my old age....IF we don't do something now!  He did however, tell  me that my muscle tone is awesome!  I ended my day finding out that my car repairs are gonna cost me upwards of $1000! What the hell!  I guess I better kick up my side hustles and get that money! Oh, and then I began my marathon cooking session that consisted of me preparing every dish I could think of so my kid will not have to cook for the next couple of weeks.  My freezer is ridiculous right now. But honestly there's something pretty great about having your food already to go-I should do this more often! Do you cook like that? Take a weekend to prepare the week's meals? It's really kinda smart for us busy dames you know....give it a shot, you just might be on to something.  Note to stock in freezer bags! :) Dueces

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