Thursday, June 21, 2012

In defense of Madonna, Tina and Kathleen Turner

I know you are like: "What the hell"? What is this all about? After being in England for less than three days I found myself speaking with a weird diluted American "accent".  I can completely understand why those above mentioned ladies have grown accustomed to speaking in that questionable accent.  I figure it is because we find that our "accent" seems to be extremely exaggerated and oddly tinged with a southern drawl.  I keep finding myself, when speaking with my friends that I am either speaking much slower and pronunciation or speaking with a pigeon English accent.  It is completely weird, but my friends are getting me back by making me say certain words and their pronunciation of the city Birmingham is an exaggerated southern tinged effort.  When we went to Birmingham they asked me to say it my normal way and then their "proper" pronunciation of Burrmingahhhhm.  Fun times for the whole family.  I have explained to them how I understand Madonna's predicament, as I've only been here a number of days and she's lived here for years.  Imagine if I lived here for a extended period, you know I would sound damn near like a native!!! Yeah right.  I just wanted to throw it out there, that maybe those ladies have an ear for accents like I do, and their current speak pattern can't be was learned.  God help me when I'm off to Italy in a few days! I have a feeling I will sound like a right confused idiot! Til next time...Deuces!  Arrivederci!

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