Friday, June 22, 2012

A Stark Reality

My friend in England just told me today that the women in England are not given their first gynecologic exam until their 25th birthday! That is so completely shocking and scary to me, I can hardly think straight. The amazing amount of women who's lives might be saved by early detection is unimaginable. We were also just discussing mammography too. It turns out that they are not allowed a mammogram until age 50.  That is just as unbelievable too.  The men are not to be left out either, turns out my friend has been having a bit of trouble with his and this could potentially be something serious but he has not been able to get an appointment for a few weeks from his first complaints.  I would be interested in finding out their cancer rates. 
I am a Health Teacher... ha ha ha ha ha.
Now for a bit of  "comic" relief.  The difference between America and England with regards to exploitation of idiocy is maybe not such a jump. Recently, a young lady was high on some Benzo Fury running naked through their local Tesco grocery store.  This morning this chick was on a show similar to our Today show.  Plus, the news reports on-line have included numerous pictures of this young lady with her breasts prominently displayed.  It seems that she, and her drug induced frenzy has now guaranteed her at least a spot on Page 3 if not surefire infamy.  I think at least in the states, they would have posted her mug shot instead of the sexy shots of her in the reports of the story.

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