Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fish and Chips

Today we had a busy day...we went Blists Hill for trip back in time to the Victorian Era.  We changed our money to the old money of the time and were able to experience the ways of old.  It was a mining area and it actually was the birthplace of the "industrial revolution" Very educational!  Billy even went into a bar and asked for a lager and the barman looked at him like he was crazy.  He explained to him that there was no lager in Victorian times so Billy had to settle for a cider instead.  We had some delicious fish and chips there too, so good in fact that I was not able to finish my food and am going to eat the rest in a matter of minutes as a matter of fact.  I've also been treated to cream team dinner of scones with sultanas, raspberry jam and double cream along with a glass of Pimms as an "appetizer". 
The funniest thing about England is that the weather is cold here...although they think that 60 degrees is HOT, I know HOT and 105 degrees is hot, and that's how hot Tucson was today.  Kinda thankful I missed that one while I was rockin' my hoodie while we were playing tourists. 

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