Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Soup Kitchen for 1?

We went into Staffordshire with Dawn's Grandma and it was really nice.  Staffordshire is a small town with great charm.  The day before when we were hanging out with her grandma she had mentioned something about she had her friend were going to eat at the soup kitchen.  My thinking of a soup kitchen is not the same as what we found when we went to The Soup Kitchen. It turns out it is a very nice restaurant with excellent service.  I had a great meal of roast chicken and a jacket (baked) potato followed by a delicious chocolate brownie with ice cream.  Gillian took me to Graham's fire station and got to meet the boys and see all of their fire trucks.  It was cool.  They actually got a call as we were leaving.  We then walked around the sleepy town-EVERYTHING was closed including the grocery store.  That was crazy!  Til tomorrow....Dueces!

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