Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What a day!!!

My goodness today was a busy one! I must however first mention an update on BBW from last night's reunion episode. Evelyn and Jennifer made up!!! Not a dry eye in the place (or absence of  sideways glance). It was refreshing to see them make up but I still wonder if it was just to save their paychecks.  Either way...my new favorite reality love is CHICAGOLICIOUS! That show is ridiculous! It makes Jerseylicious look like child's play and I LOVE it!
After dealing with a crook in my neck for forever, I finally decided that this must be taken care of before I get on a plane on Saturday for an international flight and this neck is nothing too nice right now.  I had to take my car to the shop for some routine maintenance also in preparation for my trip. I dropped it off this morning, took the bus home and walked my happy ass to the chiropractor's office about 2 miles from my house (might be a slight exaggeration). Did I mention it was 9am and probably 90 degrees by that time.  I got to the appointment all sweaty and crooky wanting neck relief asap. It was hot as hell in that office damn it! But what was I gonna do?  There is nothing like the skills of a chiropractor or massage therapist! Their hands are guided by God and they do great work.  I love them with all my heart!  After my appointment thanks to my awesome Groupon.com certificate I got (I get an exam and 4 adjustments for $49)! Beat that!  I love me some Groupons baby!  Get on that Groupon bandwagon and save yourself some moolah too!
This afternoon I had the great misfortune to sit my butt down to finally take care of this speeding ticket by taking the class on-line. I was ready to shoot myself after an hour of trying to stay awake and attentive. I would have rather given up a coveted Saturday afternoon rather than live through the nearly 4 hours it took to complete that damned on-line class! Never again!!!! Okay, maybe I should never speed again, that's a better statement.
Now that that's all complete, just trying to figure out why the hell CP Auto Chasers did not call me to tell me my car was done! WTH! That bad boy better be done by tomorrow afternoon, or we are gonna have problems!  Wait a damn minute! That means I have to walk my happy ass back to the chiropractor's office AGAIN tomorrow! NOT HAPPY!!!!!

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