Sunday, June 17, 2012


Today started off well...well Saturday did.  Chelsea got me to the airport on time and after I checked in I sat down to play with my phone I realized that my phone was still in the car.  I tried to call Chelsea but realized that I don't know her number.  I tried to call my phone, and what I thought was Chelsea's number to no avail, and I even called my mother to see if she would call the kid for answer.  I finally tried my house phone and they were there.  Chelsea said she would be right there so I went out and waited.  15 minutes before my flight she finally pulled up with my key.  As I made my way back to my gate, nearly in a sprint I made it to my gate just before the ladies were going to page me! \Ugghh!  The flight was largely uneventful except for the horrible crap they tried to pass off as FOOD.  Dinner was a fiasco of Southwest Chicken with mushy rice.  Breakfast the next morning was damn near CRIMINAL! They served a monstrosity of and English \muffin egg sandwich in which the eggs had peppers and tasted of vinegar! \No one around me ate a bite of that mess...settling for the lone unripened banana instead. 
When we got to Rugeley, we went to Dawn's mom's house to celebrate her mom Gillian's birthday and Father's Day for both Billy and Graham.  We had an awesome traditional Sunday Roast dinner complete with homemade cheesecake made by Dawn's grandma.  We were all stuffed like pigs! What a great day! Til tomorrow-Deuces!

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