Sunday, June 10, 2012

Must See TV?

There's been a lot of drama about violence in the reality shows we watch on TV now. Basketball Wives has petitions surfacing regarding the extreme violence portrayed every single week. I admit it, I'm guilty of tuning in and watching like we watch train wrecks and car accidents. I love me some crazy ass Tammy Roman, Evelyn Lozada, Drita D'Avanzano and Renee Graziano of Mob Wives. If but for nothing else but the crazy one-liners, the shows are pretty much pointless. The majority of the on-camera action consists of the women sitting down to "calmly" discuss their "beefs". which ALWAYS end in violence. BBW is by far the worse of the two and that is surely why they are being scrutinized for their questionable portrayal of "professional" women AND mothers. I hope there is something done about this rampant violence, because I can't,  in good conscience support these types of shows. Classic Evelyn:"You are a non mother effen factor!" (uncensored of course)! And Drita:"asking me if I care is like asking me how much sodium is in soy sauce! I could give a F!(again uncensored). Recently, both Evelyn and Tammy have come out and made public apologies for their behavior and have expressed their willingness and need for personal growth and change.  I wonder if it is at all motivated by the fact that their contracts are potentially on the chopping block otherwise? I will miss you ladies, but I am hopeful that you will find a more peaceful solution to the issues you have both on and off camera.

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