Saturday, June 23, 2012

Whoopi Goldberg?

In talking with the Hinds, Jones and Kydd families today it was decided that the one and only Whoopi Goldberg should play me in my life's story! What the hell is that about?  I tried to see the rationale in that selection as I'd chosen Angela Bassett to play me if need be.  Who can honestly shoot for Taraji or Halle these days? No one, that's why I picked for the more acceptable choice of Angela.  I would like to think and I kinda pray that they've chosen Whoopi for her comic timing and general hilarity, not the fact that she and I have a scarily similar hairdo.  God, I hope it's because of the humor!  Even talking with them later about this, they all STILL agreed that that would be the be actress to play me, so I guess it is Whoopi indeed...that is if Angela is not available.  Til next time.....Dueces!

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